Marriage & Family Law

divorce_470492739 Viet Diligence Legal navigates you through the complex marriage- and family law system in Vietnam. We specifically advise you on all questions relating to:

Marriage: Through careful planning and a mutual commitment to transparency and fairness, couples can start their new life together with confidence. To this end, we help you with background checks and screening of potential marriage partners and their families. We arrange marriage formalities and documents for you. We also support you with drafting of prenuptial agreements and related documents to prevent future conflict.

Separation: When you separate from your partner, you may have questions about occupation of the matrimonial home, interim spousal support, child custody and your personal property. Decisions you make before and after separation can have a major impact on your legal position and the future of your family. We will help you understand your options, ease your transition, and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Divorce: In order to get a divorce in Vietnam, legal issues relating to property- and asset distribution, child custody and child support must be resolved. You may also have spousal support issues to contend with. Our lawyers will resolve these issues through communication, negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation.

Asset protection: Our marriage- and family law practice also involves property law, uncovering fraud and hidden assets and even corporate reorganization. To this end, we conduct investigations on the ground in Vietnam if required.