About Viet Diligence


Are you looking for a German lawyer in Vietnam who is experienced in both German and Vietnamese laws? Foreign Registered Lawyer Dr. Matthias Dühn and his team of Vietnamese lawyers at Viet Diligence Legal support you in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City! We advise you specifically in the following practice areas:

  1. Company formation and market entry: Would you like to establish a company, a branch office or a joint venture in Vietnam? Attorney Dr. Dühn and his team at Viet Diligence draft all contracts and legal documents required to establish a business in Vietnam, such as articles of association, joint venture contracts and shareholder agreements. We also screen potential joint-venture and other business partners in Vietnam for you (background-screening).
  2. Commercial-, Enterprises and Customs Law: Do you have questions about the Vietnamese commercial code, the Vietnamese Enterprises Law or customs clearance in Vietnam? Dr. Dühn and his team at Viet Diligence draft or review for you of any type of commercial contract, such as e.g. purchase and supply contracts, distribution and franchise contracts, loan agreements, licensing agreements, service contracts and general terms and conditions. We also clarify for you all related issues of customs clearance and import procedures in Vietnam.
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A Vietnam): You want to purchase assets or shares of a company in Vietnam? Viet Diligence assists you with the purchase or sale of companies in Vietnam (both in share and in asset deals), capital increases, company conversions and restructurings as well as the structuring of joint ventures in Vietnam. Viet Diligence advises you comprehensively on all aspects of structuring M&A transactions in Vietnam, including due diligence, tax structuring, drafting of MoUs / LoIs, Confidentiality Agreements and Share Purchase Agreements (SPAs).
  4. Labour and Immigration law: You want to hire or terminate employees in Vietnam? Or assign employees to Vietnam? Dr. Dühn and the team at Viet Diligence advise you on all issues related to Vietnamese labour laws, from the drafting of employment and expat assignment contracts to Vietnam to the unilateral termination or mutual settlement of employment contracts in Vietnam. Moreover, we will obtain for you all required visas and work permits for your employees in Vietnam.
  5. Real Estate Law: Would you like to purchase real estate in Vietnam and are you looking for a lawyer who support you with the acquisition of property in Vietnam? Viet Diligence advises you from the due diligence of property and developer to the review of the real estate purchase contract and related documents.
  6. Family and Inheritance Law: You want to marry in Vietnam or draft a last will in Vietnam? Viet Diligence advises you on all questions relating to family and inheritance law in Vietnam, especially in the areas of prenuptial agreements (prenups), marriage and child support. In addition, Viet Diligence can file a divorce in Vietnam, and clarify for you the related issues of asset separation, property rights and child support.
  7. Arbitration and Litigation: You want to sue your business partner in Vietnam? Dr. Dühn and his team at Viet Diligence help you suing your customers, suppliers and business partners in Vietnam. Specifically, we bring commercial and labour law disputes in front of Vietnamese courts and solve commercial disputes in Vietnam at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC).