Professional human resources personnel management is the key to your business success in Vietnam. We advise you on the entire spectrum of labor law matters in Vietnam, from hiring to termination or retirement, in particular in the following areas:

  1. Hiring of employees: We provide comprehensive advice on hiring local and foreign employees in Vietnam. In particular, we draft or review for you local Vietnamese employment contracts, which, in addition to the legally mandatory topics, also contain important additional clauses for employers, such as the prohibition of side employments, post-contractual non-competition clauses and confidentiality agreements.
  2. Termination of employees and mutual termination agreements: We support you to terminate correctly local and expatriate employees in Vietnam. A special focus is on the amicable termination of complex contractual arrangements, especially for seconded employees (expatriates, expats) in Vietnam. We are thoroughly familiar with cross-border matters involving different jurisdictions.
  3. Labor law compliance: We support you in complying with all labor law requirements in Vietnam. This includes, for example, the drafting and review of mandatory internal labor regulations (ILRs), the local implementation of headquarters’ employee handbooks and/or compliance guidelines and compliance training for your employees in Vietnam.
  4. Work permits, residence permits and visas: We advise you comprehensively on all questions relating to the residence status of your foreign employees in Vietnam. This includes, in particular, applying for and extending visas, work permits and temporary and permanent residence cards in Vietnam. A particular focus is on investor visas.
  5. Compensation, incentive- and bonus schemes: We advise you on typical salaries in Vietnam, we structure salary packages and implement bonus and incentive schemes for your employees in Vietnam. In this way, we ensure the optimal motivation and performance of your local and foreign employees in Vietnam, especially in sales-related activities.